Our paper on Individual differences in mental imagery modulate effective connectivity of scene‐selective regions during resting state is now out on Brain Structure and Function!

Given the role of mental imagery in navigation, we studied the intrinsic causal interactions between brain regions responding to the perception and the imagery of scenes and tested whether they could reflect individual differences in mental imagery. At rest, we found that the occipital place area (OPA) and the retrosplenial complex (RSC) had an inhibitory influence on parahippocampal place area (PPA) whereas PPA had an excitatory influence on both OPA and RSC. Furthermore, we found that a key role in imagery is played by the connectivity from OPA to PPA since it positively correlates with mental imagery abilities.

The present work was part of Maria Giulia Tullo’s PhD thesis and is the results of the collaboration between BIL and Daniele Marinazzo’s group at Ghent University.

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